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How did this happen?


Hi I'm Dr. Alex Davidovic
I saw what was happening with Global Live

Streaming TV and I had an idea
what happened next is changing lives FAST!

TVBossFire Lead Coder & Creator:

Dr. Alex Davidovic - PhD in Computer & Information Science, Advanced Programmer For Over 27 Years

“54% Growth In Global Live TV Streaming”

-Conviva has released its State of the Streaming TV Industry Report which shows staggering growth in global TV streaming ...
-Roku remains the leader among Conviva’s customer base of connected TV devices with a steady 40% share of viewing hours … yet Amazon Fire TV is growing rapidly with a 500% increase in share of viewing hours, October 2020

But first, MY life changed...
using TV Boss, I amassed 228,906 subscribers AND
somehow I found an extra $25,407.03 in my bank!
that's when I knew TV Boss was a seriously GOOD idea!

Thank to our friends at


You can NOW GET in front of MASSIVE audiences!

These 2 streaming giants have over 57 million active monthly viewers in the US ALONE
Viewers that TUNE IN for an average of 50 hours (each) PER MONTH

AND you are NOT limited to running your channels on just the TV
now with

You can ALSO run YOUR channel content on your WEBSITE TOO!

Your OWN TV Channels created by users , like these for example...

  • Leverage your current website traffic to generate MORE channel subscribers
  • Drive more sales & commissions from the offers on your site
  • Get MORE organic traffic to your websites from search
  • Create powerful authority status by displaying your on-demand channels to your site visitors

THAT is what


  • Your own never-ending traffic source with over 57 MILLION consumers - and counting - from 2 of the largest streaming platforms on the planet

  • Making ongoing income WITHOUT even selling - just by flipping a switch, earn hands-free profits from advertisers that find you

  • Banking HUGE upfront & ONGOING payments from companies that want their share of online streaming audiences

  • Effortlessly building TARGETED lists in any niche - lists you can market to WHENEVER you choose

  • Selling MORE of your products & services to a hungry, UNTAPPED market


  • Paid Traffic & Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Your OWN Content
  • Time Wasting SEO
  • Coding & Developers
  • Struggling for Audience

How Fast Can YOU Get Results?

  • You can have traffic-driving channels running on 2 leading platforms AND EVEN your own websites in less than 24 hours from RIGHT now

  • You can be making automated ad revenue inside of 3 days … and make upfront income from advertisers in even less time

  • 20 minutes per day is ALL it’ll take to keep the traffic, leads & profits rolling in - without even creating a SINGLE video!

Introducing: TV Boss Fire
Internet TV For Personal Profit

This cloud-based software lets YOU leverage MILLIONS of engaged viewers on BOTH Roku & Amazon Fire - with zero tech skills, hassles or outsourcing.

Create MULTIPLE income streams including passive profits, recurring payments from advertisers, increased sales of your own products & services …
While building targeted lists in ANY niche!

Set up traffic-driving channels from right inside the software …
And get results from OTHER people’s content ...

For a sustainable, LEGITIMATE business you can be proud of.

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Check Out Results From BETA TESTERS Of This System:

Raven Blair Glover

“I just made $5,000 with the amazing TV Boss program …
I’m just getting started!”

Elle Cursy

“I have made my 1st $10,000 with TV Boss”

EACH Channel Can Give You Multiple Income Streams …
It’s No Wonder That TV Boss Users Are LOVING Their Results!

Even Online CELEBRITIES Are Joining The Party

The takeaway isn’t that authorities like Gary Vee love on-demand TV …
It’s that this is taking off fast.


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Bank MULTIPLE Income Streams With TV Boss Fire

In Just 3 Simple Steps

TV Boss Fire: YOUR Solution For Ongoing Traffic & MULTIPLE Income Streams

Jaw-Dropping Results In ANY Niche - WITHOUT:


  • Paying HUGE money for ads, wasting HOURS posting on forums, or STRUGGLING with SEO
  • TRYING to figure out how to monetize your traffic & content
  • Begging affiliates & JV partners to promote your stuff, or sucking up to so-called ‘influencers’
  • Building & ‘optimizing’ dozens of websites, funnels, optin pages & lead magnets
  • Wasting time learning complicated skills INSTEAD of simply making money
  • Making videos, writing blogs or creating content
  • Pouring MORE cash into overpriced tools & coaching ‘hoping’ to make a few sales
  • Spending hours fighting for EXPENSIVE attention on overcrowded social networks
  • Competing with millions of other marketers for the exact same audiences
  • Dealing with customer service, shipping, refunds & support

Forget The ‘Hype’ Of Internet Marketing …
This Is REAL … It’s Happening NOW …
And Can Get You Life Changing Results

Generate TRUCKLOADS Of Targeted Traffic From Day ONE:

Effortlessly Build ENGAGED Subscriber List In UNTAPPED Niche Using OTHER People's Content!

228,906 NEW Subcsribers???

54,838 Subscribers To Our NEW Dog Kingdom Channel

36,921 New Leads To Our Chess School Channel

137,147 Subscribers to Our Guitar School Channel

Bank HUGE Payments With Private Deals From Advertisers

That NEED Exposure

Advertisers are DESPERATE to reach the growing number of viewers watching on-demand TV.

TV Boss Fire makes it EASY for you to setup lucrative private deals with

companies that need exposure on your channels.

THIS Is Your Time

The MASSIVE SHIFT towards on-demand TV is happening now.
Over 57 million Americans are watching on demand TV on Roku & Amazon Fire.

These platforms are getting more viewers than even the most POPULAR TV channels.

EARLY adopters WILL make the majority of the profits.
As this goes mainstream, profit potential WILL decrease.
It’s simple economics.

So get in now - ahead of everyone else - to set yourself up for MORE
than your fair share of traffic, leads & profits.

Until now, Roku & Amazon Fire traffic weren’t options for 99% of marketers.

You had to write & edit code - or pay THOUSANDS to developers …
Mess about with tons of different websites & companies …
And read dozens of manuals, documents & compliance agreements from Roku, Amazon AND 3rd party sites

With TV Boss Fire - ALL The Benefits Of On-Demand Traffic
Are Yours With NONE Of The Hassles

  • Have your very own traffic & profit-driving channels running on Roku, Amazon Fire and your personal websites in MINUTES
  • See how to monetize from DAY 1, then keep the profits rolling long-term - WITHOUT creating a single video or piece of content
  • Absolutely ZERO need for coding, previous experience, or paying developers

Scale Your Income To Levels You NEVER Thought Possible 

This is the ground floor & the elevator is going STRAIGHT up.

Never in history has there been an easier way to reach so many people, so quickly & so cheaply.

See EXACTLY How To Crush It With Roku And Amazon Fire -
Even If You’ve NEVER Made A Dime Online Before

To maximize your results, we’re including our PROVEN tips & shortcuts to get you up and running FAST.

Get tons of new viewers & subscribers INSIDE your 1st week -

just by copying what we show you.

  • See how to get 3500 to 10,000 UNIQUE new visitors in your very 1st month
  • Discover how to leverage passive income just by flipping a switch … AND
  • How to land high-paying contracts from advertisers that WANT to work with you! 

These CUSTOM Launch-Only Bonuses Are Built To
Take Your Results To The Next Level

Bonus #1

EXCLUSIVE For The Multi-Channel License COMMERCIAL Rights To Sell One Channel For 100% Profit - Value $997

This bonus lets you setup and sell a channel for 100% profit.
Demand for streaming channel creation is exploding, with companies willing to pay HUGE dollars for you to setup a channel for them.

Your potential revenue from this bonus alone can range between $6K and $30K.

Here’s what just 2 TV Boss users have made selling channels to others:

$30K For Selling A SINGLE Channel

Sold MULTIPLE Channels At $11K EACH 

Industry benchmark rates for channel set up START at 10K …
PLUS $500 for EACH video upload ...
YOUR profit potential from this bonus ALONE can be worth upwards of $15K

* To encourage you to take action, this bonus is only valid during your 1st 2 months
with the TV Boss Fire program

Bonus #2 

TV Boss Fire Bootcamp - Value $497

Let’s take your business to the next level.
Join the top experts in this amazing training that goes WAY beyond setup …
And shows you exactly how to maximize your profits.

Rave Reviews For TV Boss Bootcamp:

I got all my questions answered! GREAT WEBINAR! Most productive in a long time

Jason Hodge

I agree the webinar is of amazing quality - thanks for all the efforts and explanations. Fabulous

Stephen Tovey

Thank you so much for a really great and informative webinar … learned a lot more here

Beverly Frazier

Bonus #3

Auto-Generated “About Your TV Channel” Page -  Value $97

Roku requires you to have an ‘about your channel’ page to publish.
Instead of setting up an entire page, pay for the hosting and maintenance …

We’ll create AND HOST this page for you. Professionally designed to comply with Roku’s terms, while generating maximum buzz to your channels.

We’ll build the page & send you the URL. Just copy & paste that into your Roku account and you’re good to go.

Bonus #4

TV Boss Fire Bootcamp ONGOING Sessions - Value $1997 / Year

Bonus #5


These two sessions were a key part in TVBoss users channel evolution - The owner of one of the top advertising companies online for Connect/Online TV, Jim Larkin reveals all!

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  • How would it feel to NEVER have to struggle for traffic again - or EVEN pay for ads?
  • What would ongoing passive, monthly income mean for you?
  • Picture earning upfront & recurring payments from BIG DOLLAR companies that need YOUR help!
  • And finally- never having to worry about bills again,

This Limited Offer Will NOT Last Much Longer

If you want to leverage the PURE POWER of on-demand traffic,
this revolutionary & PROVEN system makes it 3-step easy …

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one channel

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/one time

  • Stream to Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Your Website!
  • Cloud-based TV Boss Fire Software
  • On-demand video training built
  • Video Training in the software
  • Facebook Group
  • TV Boss Fire Bootcamp
  • Channel "About" Page
TV Boss Fire - Single Channel (mail this one)
Three Channel

Before $67.00



/one time

  • Stream to Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Your Website!
  • Cloud-based TV Boss Fire Software
  • On-demand video training built
  • Video Training in the software
  • Facebook Group
  • TV Boss Fire Bootcamp
  • Channel "About" Page
TV Boss Fire - 3 Channels

These are personal licenses that allow you to sell your own products and services, generate ad revenue, collect and generate leads and MORE! - The way you can use TVBoss Fire is only limited by your own imagination.

and you can breathe easy with our

30 DAY 

100% Money back, No question asked!

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